Woodland Stores and Theatre

5,990.00 ฿
SKU: TL8256

A large play shop that offers group play on both sides. On one side, it is a Woodland Stores play shop - it has 2 doors which open up into a shop and 2 blackboard areas on which to scribble. There is a curtain which can be lowered to announce the shop is shut. On the reverse of the structure, the shop turns into a Woodland Theatre, and we have included 2 sweet printed glove puppets. There is an acorn blackboard to chalk a time and date, and the red curtain can be raised or lowered for the performance. Includes a cute tote bag which becomes a strawberry when folded up.

Self Assembly is required

Age range: 3 Years And Older

Product size: 8.66 x 9.06 x 8.66”

Weight: 22.92 lbs